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Farming Simulator 3D: The Ultimate Guide to Modern Farming

I've had the demo for a long time now. My sister's kids loved playing it so I bought the retail version when the playing counter on the demo started to reach zero. Paid 20 euros for it, and that was on sale! I think 10 dollars is a fair price for this. I've got some enjoyement of it myself too, but kids really seem to love it.This is a fantastic game for the times when things in life get stressful. It gives a nice sense of relaxation that not many games give. I would rate it 8 or 9. It is great for what it is. I don't think a simulator based on a farm could get much better than this.

farming simulator 3d

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You laugh, but the Farming Simulator series on PC is a best-seller and has a very devoted following. It's also a fun way to introduce youngsters to modern farming concepts and how their food is made. If I had children, I would definitely pick this one up, especially for the price.

I really don't want to go to farming...farming is really hard to the work is outrageous for me...but aye I gotta earn some money but anyways I'm always up to learn a new thing...I think the reason farming is hard for me is because I do it without machines and just labor

3rd World Farmer lets you experience some of the hardships of farming in a poor country. Will you prosper despite corruption and lack of basic neccessities? Or will endless wars, diseases, droughts, and unreliable markets perpetuate your economic disadvantage and spell your ultimate doom?

Put on the boots of an actual farmer and manage a small farm before entering an incredible Carrier mode, which will put you in charge of your own farm industry! You'll be able to use many authentic machines and vehicles, all under licenses from the main farming machines and vehicles constructors!

It's up to you to maximize your crops of wheat, corn and rape seed, and to optimize your income and investments in order to acquire material and farming vehicles that will help your farm to grow under the best conditions.

Welcome to the world where hard work and dedication pays off!. Take role of a young farmer who has one big goal. He wants to grow his farming business, and become rich. As you harvest your first crops, you realize that this will be a long run. You do not have enough money to buy all those fancy and expensive farming vehicles that would make your life easier. You have just one tractor, and that is it. Work hard day in, day out, and first success will come. Sell your first harvest, and invest your money into better vehicles, or buy equipment like plows, or trailers. Breed animals, buy additional farms, and grow your business like never before! After your gaming session, do not forget to save your progress of a successful farming bussinessman in game menu! You do not want your hard work to be lost! Have fun.

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Step up in the shoes of countryside farmer life and play this virtual farm management game. Drive real tractor and farm machines like harvester, plower and seeder in open world environment! Play this newest farming simulator and enjoy real village farm life.

Tractor Trolley Driving Farming Simulator 3D Games is a farming simulator where you can play as a farmer who is trying to deliver cargo and complete various missions on a tractor trolley. The game is all about delivering cargo from one place to another safely, and the way you do this is by driving on uneven roads and tricky paths. It is not only about driving, but also about the cargo you need to deliver. In this game, you will be delivering wood logs, wood lumber, wood beams, and other wood cargo. The way you do this is by driving on a tractor trolley, and the way you control the tractor trolley is by using various buttons.

With this amazing virtual farming simulator game, you will be living the life of a farmer and making your real farming experience a virtual one. It's a farming game in which you can harvest crops, water in time, use pesticides and use a variety of machinery, like tractors, combine harvesters, cultivators, and loaders. The best thing is that you can play this free game in various areas like fields, lands and farms.


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