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Hamlet Safonov
Hamlet Safonov

Watch Sailor Moon (Dub) Episode 20 For Free On ... BETTER

After looking at the show and determining where they wanted to end their first season, DiC decided that it would be necessary to cut several whole episodes of the show. They decided to cut episodes 2, 5, 6, 20, and 42 of the first season. As mentioned before, they also merged 45 & 46 into one, which essentially cut another episode. With Sailor Moon R they were more generous, simply cutting episode 67. Ignoring the fact that editing of the whole series resulted in several more episode worth of content being cut, the DiC Entertainment dub of Sailor Moon cut several whole episodes that fans has no opportunity to watch as a result.

Watch Sailor Moon (Dub) Episode 20 for free on ...



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