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Hamlet Safonov
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The director's cut of Deadly Premonition was developed by ToyBox Inc.[34] In 2013, Rising Star published it for the PlayStation 3 in Europe and North America on April 30,[35] and in Australia on May 16.[36] The same year, Rising Star published it for Microsoft Windows on October 29,[37] and its non-configurable resolution for the PC edition was fixed by a fan-made patch.[38] Deadly Premonition: Red Seeds Profile: Complete Edition, a Japanese version of the director's cut, was released for the PlayStation 3 in March 2015.[39] Also that year, NIS America published a limited collector's edition for the PlayStation 3 on November 24; it includes a hardcover artbook, soundtrack CD, a 54-card deck inspired by the game, and a voucher for the downloadable content.[40][41]

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