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A Blizzard Of Love Pdf

Situated only a few blocks from the Niagara River in the residential southeastern section of the highly industrialized but tourist-oriented city, the Love Canal problem began to surface in recent years as chemical odors in the basements of the homes bordering the site became more noticeable. This followed prolonged heavy rains and one of the worst blizzards ever to hit this section of the country.

A Blizzard Of Love pdf

Workmen will wear safety glasses and protective clothing, including rubber gloves and boots which must be washed daily to remove chemical residue. If necessary the safety officer may mandate use of special equipment such as plastic face shields and respiratory protection. Rotation of workmen may be necessary to avoid excessive or prolonged exposure to contaminants.

The gaming industry must change how it deals with labor, and one of the best places to begin is to stamp out the appeals to passion as a substitute for the stability of other industries. The average career length in the games industry is well shy of a decade, which drastically reduces the variety of creative voices on offer. From older content creators, to parents, to those needing steadier medical benefits than the revolving door of the industry can offer, their experience is going to a different industry. And this says nothing of the under-representation of women and people of color in the industry; people who love making games, but find few faces like their own in leadership positions.

In 1953 the Canal site was sold to the Board of Education. This was soon followed by the construction of the 99th St. School in 1954. Residents that bordered the site on 97th and 99th streets along with bisectional streets of Wheatfield and Read Avenues complained of minor explosions and fumes at the site in the 1960's and during the mid-1970's. In 1977, and more specifically after the blizzard of that year, precipitation and melting snow that infiltrated into the Canal, apparently forced the chemical wastes to the surface. The contaminated groundwater also migrated laterally through the surface soils into yards, basements, local storm and sanitary sewer systems and nearby creeks. Residents complained of chemical odors and illnesses. To baseline assess the health and environmental threat, DEC, DOH and USEPA collected basement sump, soil and air samples and found that significant contamination was present.

The home ranch was located on the Palo Duro river inthe western part of the Pan Handle, Texas, which we reachedin the latter part of May, it taking us considerably over amonth to make the return journey home from Dodge City.I remained in the employ of the Duval outfit for three years,making regular trips to Dodge City every season and to manyother places in the surrounding states with herds of horsesand cattle for market and to be delivered to other ranch ownersall over Texas, Wyoming and the Dakotas. By strict attentionto business, born of a genuine love of the free and wildlife of the range, and absolute fearlessness, I became knownthroughout the country as a good all around cow boy and asplendid hand in a stampede.

The cowboy who is successful in roping the steer mustthen mount and ride him. If he does that successfully thesteer becomes his personal property to do with as he will,only a slight reward for the risking of his life and the troubleof accomplishing the feat. But it is done more for sport'ssake than anything else, and the love of showing off, aweakness of all cow boys more or less. But really it takes ahigh class of horsemanship to ride a long horn, to get onhis back and stay there as he runs, jumps, pitches side ways,backwards, forward, up and down, then over the prairie likea streak of lightning. I have had the experience and I canassure you it is no child's play. More than one 7 Y-L steerhas fallen to my lot, but I had to work for it, and work hard.After all it was only part of the general routine of the cowboy's life, in which danger plays so important a part. It isseldom thought of being merely a matter of course, and noneof us would have foregone the sport, had we known that sure Page 50death awaited us as the result, because above all things, thetest of a cow boy's worth is his gameness and his nerve.He is not supposed to know what fear means, and I assureyou there are very few who know the meaning of that word.

The bad whiskey which I carried under my belt was responsiblefor the fool idea, and gave me the nerve to attemptto execute the idea. Getting my lariat rope ready I rode to aposition just opposite the gate of the fort, which was standingopen. Before the gate paced a sentry with his gun on hisshoulder and his white gloves showing up clean and whiteagainst the dusty grey surroundings. I waited until the sentryhad passed the gate, then putting spurs to my horse I dashedstraight for and through the gate into the yard. The surprisedsentry called halt, but I paid no attention to him. Makingfor the cannon at full speed my rope left my hand and settledsquare over the cannon, then turning and putting spursto my horse I tried to drag the cannon after me, but strain ashe might my horse was unable to budge it an inch. In themeantime the surprised sentry at the gate had given the alarmand now I heard the bugle sound, boots and saddles, andglancing around I saw the soldiers mounting to come after me,and finding I could not move the cannon, I rode close up to itand got my lariat off then made for the gate again at fullspeed. The guard jumped in front of me with his gun up,calling halt, but I went by him like a shot, expecting to hearthe crack of his musket, but for some reason he failed to fireon me, and I made for the open prairie with the cavalry in hotpursuit.

It seemed from what I was told afterwards that the boysknowing I was out in the storm and failing to show up, theyhad started out to look for me, they had gone in camp duringthe storm and when the blizzard had passed they noticed anobject out on the prairie in the snow, with one hand frozen,clenched around my Winchester and the other around thehorn of my saddle, and they had hard work to get my handsloose, they picked me up and placed me on one of the horsesand took me to camp where they stripped me of my clothesand wrapped me up in the snow, all the skin came off my noseand mouth and my hands and feet had been so badly frozenthat the nails all came off. After [I] had got thawed out in themess wagon and took me home in 15 days I was again in thesaddle ready for business but I will never forget those fewdays I was lost and the marks of that storm I will carry withme always.

On one of these memorable trips after cattle, and withcattle on the trail, one that I will most likely remember, thelongest was a trip to Old Mexico after a herd of horses. Itwas on this trip that I fell in love, the first time in my life.During my wild career on the western plains I had met manyhandsome women, and they often made much of me, butsomehow I had never experienced the feeling called love, untilI met my charming sweetheart in Old Mexico. I had perhapsbeen too much absorbed in the wild life of the plains, inthe horses, and cattle which made up my world, to have thetime or inclination to seek or enjoy the company of the gentlersex. But now that I had met my fate, I suppose I became assilly about it as any tenderfoot from the east could possiblybe, as evidence of how badly I was hit. While on the trailwith the herd our route lay along a narrow gauge railroad,and I was feeling up in the air caused no doubt partly from theeffects of love and partly from the effects of Mexican whiskey,a generous measure I had under my belt, however I was feelingfine, so when the little engine came puffing along in thedistance I said to the boys I have roped nearly everything thatcould be roped, so now I am going to rope the engine. Theytried to persuade me not to make the attempt, but I was in nomood to listen to reason or anything else, so when the enginecame along I put my spurs to my horse and when near enoughI let fly my lariat. The rope settled gracefully around thesmoke stack, and as usual my trained horse set himself backfor the shock, but the engine set both myself and my horse inthe ditch, and might have continued to set us in places had Page 124

Roping a live engine is by long odds worse than ropingwild Buffalo on the plains or Uncle Sam's cannon at the forts.This incident cleared the atmosphere somewhat, but my lovewas as strong as ever and I thanked my lucky start she didnot see me as they dragged me out of the ditch.

I first saw my sweetheart as we were driving the herdalong the dusty road, passing a small adobe house near thecity of Old Mexico. I saw a handsome young Spanish girlstanding in the yard and I suppose I fell in love with her atfirst sight, anyway I pretended to be very thirsty and rodeup and asked her for a drink. She gave it to me and I exchangeda few words with her before joining the boys and theherds.

After that I saw her quite often during my stay in OldMexico before we again returned home. One day shortly beforeI was to leave for the North I went to see her and overhearda conversation between her and her mother, in whichher mother said to her: "My daughter will you leave yourmother for to go with the wild cowboy?" And she answeredno mother I will not leave you to go with any wild cowboy.On hearing this I bid her goodbye and a long farewell, as Itold her I did not expect to ever see her again. Then leapingto the back of my faithful horse I rode like mad across theMexican plains, until I had somewhat cooled down, but it wasa hard blow to me, as I truly loved her. After that I joinedthe boys and returned up the trail with them. Six or sevenmonths later we were again in Old Mexico with a herd ofcattle and went in camp some distance out from the city, andas soon as she heard our outfit had returned she rode out tothe camp and after looking around and not seeing me, shesaid to the camp boss, "Where is the wild cowboy that washere with you last time? Did he not come up the trail withyou". The boss told her I had come up the trail but that I hadnot been seen since crossing the last mountains as of coursehe knew whom she meant as my little love affair was pretty Page 126 041b061a72


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